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Eastern Metropolitan Club

Hello, I am Shreoshi, daughter of Mr. Chandan Sengupta and Mrs. Sharmila Sengupta, a cancer researcher by profession, I spent quite a few years at the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, trying to figure out how to fight the deadly disease. It was during that chaotic time of heartbreaks from failed experiments that I met Vishal, and all the magic happened! Bonded by our love for food, travel, science, and random things that make us laugh, we have found support and solace in each other’s company and now looking forward to a lifetime’s worth of adventure ahead!




Eastern Metropolitan Club

Banquet Hall 1A, Ground Floor

Survey Park, Nandan Kanan Road,
Kolkata 7000751

Phone: 9830188363 / 8249864881

Hello, I’m Vishal, son of Mr. Kolluru Srinivasa Rao and Mrs. Kolluru Sunitha of Visakhapatnam, a bioengineer trying to decode how deadly pathogens work! I was destined to meet Shreoshi in the beautiful campus of IISc, as an unexpected turn of events landed me in a lab to do a PhD after shifting from a job! The past few years with her have been beautiful and we cannot wait to vibe for the rest of our lives!